Quick & Healthy Low Fat Cooking



Low fat cooking is as American as apple pie, and that is one of the foods you can enjoy, and still have a healthy diet. All it takes is a little ingenuity to cut unwanted fat from family-favorite recipes-without sacrificing old-time flavor and without depriving yourself. Heart disease and cancer, our nations two top killers, often have a direct link to a high fat diet. What’s more, diabetes, obesity, gallstones and osteoarthritis, also have a proven diet connection. In preparation for the book, we talked to many of you, and the concensus was that you want simple, nutritious, and delicious recipes-in about the same time that it takes to heat up a TV dinner – quick!

To make things easy for you, we accompany each recipe with guidelines that let you see how much time to allow for upfront prep work and how long the dish takes to cook or bake. Think of this book as more than a collection of mouth-watering kitchen-tested recipes. Let it be your inspiration, to start living the low-fat life!   by Jean Rogers

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