Nellie Taft



The Unconventional First Lady of the Ragtime Era

On the morning of William Howard Taft’s inauguration, Nellie Taft publicly expressed that theirs would be a joint administration by shattering precedent and demanding that she ride alongside her husband down Pennsylvania Avenue, a seat previously held for the outgoing President. In addition to her passion for entertaining, this progressive First Lady was an advocate for higher education and partial suffrage for women, initiated legislation to improve working conditions for federal employees, and created Washington’s famous grove of blossoming cherry trees. She smoked, drank, and gambled without regard to societal judgment. During Taft’s time as the governor general of the Philippines, she broke racial and class boundaries. Nellie Taft’s fate was ultimately bound to larger events, including the Titanic sinking and Teddy Roosevelt’s creation of the Bull Moose Party….by Carl Sferrazza Anthony

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