Interview With The Vampire



The interviewee, Louis, tells his interviewer about his early life—and early death—in Louisiana in 1791. On the night his brother dies, Louis is assaulted by a vampire who drinks his blood but does not kill him. The vampire later returns and transforms Louis into a vampire because he wants to take over his plantation, Pointe de Lac. It’s like the worst episode of House Hunters ever.

Louis and this vampire, whose name is Lestat, live together on the plantation. Rumors spread among the slaves that the two men are supernatural creatures, and the slaves plan to kill them. Lestat and Louis burn down Pointe du Lac and flee to the nearby Freniere plantation. There, Babette Freniere, who has sort of a history with Louis, takes them in. But she, too, is suspicious, and she accuses Louis of being a devil. This is just the start of Louis’s existential crisis. Is he or isn’t he a demon?…by Anne Rice

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