Fears and Phantoms



“There was a fire,” began Vee in a hushed tone. “She was trying to save her horse and the roof collapsed….” “What!! They both died?” Tilly felt as if she was choiking, as if the smoke from that long ago fire was suffocating her too. An image of Bess’s face flashed into her mind, nut brown and smiling. A face that Tilly had seen just yesterday! A fire that she had just experienced, that had even singed the coat of her beloved horse Sunny! But the fire that Vee was talking about happened 20 years ago… and had taken Bess with it! How could that be? Tilly has to find out! —- from the back cover of Fears and Phantoms — as Tilly must do, read the book and discover the mystery of the the Phantom Fire and Bess…..by Eleanor Jones

Second Hand Hardcover Book – in good condition

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