Deep Cover



In Deep Cover, Michael Levine takes us with him on one of the most far-reaching drug cases ever mounted—an operation that could have implicated top government officials of three South American countries in the drug trade, and could have gotten American agents deep inside La Corporation, the powerful, deadly, heretofore untouchable group of Bolivian drug lords who supply the likes of the Medellín cartel.

But, according to Levine, the DEA and the customs agency are so mismanaged, disorganized, negligent, and rivalrous that this operation, like most drug war operations, was hopelessly bungled—locked in a bureaucratic political frenzy that left agents’ lives dangling, drug lords laughing, and the Washington “suits” fighting for air time and promotions.

This is the explosive, real story of why we’re losing the drug war—told in the words of a true American hero whose life is dedicated to winning it….by Michael Levine

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