Cane River



Suzette is born a slave in 1825. Her mother Elizabeth works in the kitchen of the plantation Rosedew, and when Suzette is old enough, she learns the ways of the kitchen from her mother. While Suzette is hard-working, she is early taught the lesson of keeping her mouth shut when it comes to dealing with the white masters. As a personal companion to Oreline, the niece of her owners, Suzette finds herself on the fringe of life as a free woman, never able to fully participate but near enough to see what she’s missing. When a friend of her owner takes an interest in her, Suzette feels powerless to refuse and is soon pregnant with a son by that man, Eugene Daurat. The son is named Gerent, and Suzette later gives birth to a daughter, another child by Eugene, this one named Philomene. When Rosedew’s master dies, Suzette knows that her family is likely to be torn apart, and this is the case. Philomene is bought by Oreline and lives as one of only a few slaves on the farm of Oreline’s husband….by Lalita Tademy

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